Hotel Surabaya: Tunjungan Hotel Surabaya

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Hotels in Surabaya – Surabaya is a city that became a tourist attraction. You ever go to Surabaya?, if not, you should take the time to go on vacation Surabaya, it must be fun.

If you already have plans to go to Surabaya and go to the tourist attractions that are on Surabaya, We have good news for you related to hotel costs in Surabaya, This can be a reference for you.

Hotel Name: Tunjungan Hotel Surabaya

Address: Jl. Tunjungan No. 102-104 Surabaya

Postal Code: 60011

GPS Tracking: Open Maps

Hotel Rating Star: 4 Star hotel

Price: Rp. 438843 Per night

Check the promo price of the hotel: Tunjungan Hotel Surabaya => Here

Tunjungan Hotel Surabaya is a 4 star hotel in Surabaya, its a strategic and convenient place. the nice thing is this hotel is close to the tourist attractions in Surabaya, so you can get away easily.

Tunjungan Hotel Surabaya have cheap price that is affordable for all circles and have complete facilities. Tunjungan Hotel Surabaya is the right choice for you when going to Surabaya.

You can get a hotel room on its official website


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